2016 Blizzard

STATEN ISLAND, NY – The tri- state area experienced its record-breaking snowstorm, leaving behind 28-inches of snow on the ground.

The National Weather Service issued a blizzard watch, leaving New York City, Long Island and portions of New Jersey expecting up to 12 inches of snow and 50 mph wind gusts, leaving resident and property owners wondering how they would manage their property.

Paving Associates moves snow into neat piles in Queens, NY at The Metro Mall.

It’s important for a property owner to take the steps to ensure that pedestrians and consumers will be safe in the area. If a visitor slips and falls due to accumulation of ice and snow on a property, the owner holds responsibility.

According to the NYC Snow or Ice on Sidewalks Report a property owner has 4 hours to clear sidewalks if snow stops falling between the times of 7am and 5pm or face a fine.

Paving Associates is set to help more than 16 locations across Staten Island and New Jersey to manage and maintain a safe environment this winter season.
Paving Associates prepared for what the weather reports predicted to be 8-10 inches of snow. Over a 24-hour period, New York was hit with over 28 inches of snow, creating a record for a large amount of snowfall in such a small amount of time.

This change had no influence on the services provided for properties under Paving Associates care. Our 24- hour on call staff that was split up into groups to better service each location skillfully.

Snow removal services include salting the area with the best de-icing products and moving snow to corner, which helps visitors safely transport from point A to B.

Be sure to stay informed on when the next storm will strike and take the proper precautions for your property.

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