Pothole Repair and Asphalt Patching Services

In addition to pothole repair, we also offer a full range of asphalt inspection and patching services. We will look for crazing, cracks, and worn pavement, which can be cut out and patched to fix immediate problems and also to prepare for current or future surface dressing.

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Are potholes on your property, parking lot, shopping center or roads awaiting their next victim? Not only are they un-appealing to the eye, they can cause much more than just damage to a car. With the increasing amount of bicycles, scooters and smaller cars on our roadways and parking lots, potholes pose a greater danger than ever. From a trip and fall, to a bicyclist falling when riding over a hidden pothole filled with water, there are more pothole related injury lawsuits being filed than ever before, resulting in many seven figure premises liability judgments. Add the thousands of damage claims filed against property owners and municipalities every year by motorists who suffer damage to their vehicles after running over a pothole, and there is no better time than now to fix potholes on your property.

The Process

A proper pothole repair that is made to last combines cutting out the affected area around the pothole, sealing the sides, filling the hole with the proper material, and compacting with a vibrating plate or roller depending on the size.

Reasons for Potholes

Due to the variance and fast changes in temperature across the New York Metro and Tri-State Area, combined with a high rate of traffic and trucks on the road from Long Island to New York City and surrounding areas, potholes are major problem for both commercial property owners and municipalities. If you are looking for quality pothole repair that lasts longer than the next rainstorm, Paving Associates provides high quality pothole and asphalt patching services for repairs of all sizes.

As a property owner or manager, here are some pothole tips to follow:

  • Early repair makes for an easy, less expensive repair. Like an unfilled cavity in a tooth, a root canal follows and the cost of the repair jumps significantly. An un-repaired pothole works the same way. Potholes need to be repaired in a timely fashion to prevent additional damage due to water seeping deeper and wider below the surface.
  • Once a small pothole forms, the entire area around it becomes weakened due to water spreading below the surface. This further compromises the region which can lead to additional potholes forming very close to the original one. If the temperature is in a frequent freezing and thawing cycle due to temperatures changing from above to below freezing daily multiple potholes are almost guaranteed.
  • Cold, ready to pour filler material may last a few days for an emergency repair, but will typically wash out after a few rainfalls or ant type of traffic on the compromised area.

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