Out With the OLD, In With the NEW!


We live during a time when technology is upgraded everyday, making it difficult to keep up with products and all its new features. Paving Associates is always ahead of the game with any updated equipment released in the industry.

Recently, we upgraded to a new paver, The Carlson CP-100, which made its debut appearance July 20, 2015, during a job for Richmond Avenues Stop & Shop (Pergament Enterprises Mall)in Staten Island, NY!

The Black and Gold monster had no trouble fitting in with the rest of our custom black and gold equipment. With all its new features including its 2- man set up, material distribution, user friendly control and size itself, we were able to easily get the job done.

We were able to cover a large amount of square feet , which probably would’ve taken longer compared to our old Carlson CP- 90. The team was over joyed to be able to use such an updated piece of equipment rather than using a machine that leaves the feeling of being stuck in time.

While business is blooming, we are always on a mission to find new equipment that will help our team to perform at a faster pace and deliver quality service as well.

Perfect for snowplows, municipal dump trucks, mixers, refuse trucks and crane trucks, we have brought a brand new Kentworth T800 dump truck on to the scene!

For those who aren’t familiar a dump truck is used to transfer materials such as dirt, gravel and stone. The T800 has one of the tightest turning radiuses and allows for many weight-saving options to help boost usable payload.

No dump truck compares to ours with Paving Associates memorable logo imprinted on all areas of the truck. This masterpiece is bound to attract your attention.

Keep a look out. You might be lucky enough to see some of our equipment parked near a job location. After all they’re not hard to miss, you could probably spot Paving Associates from a mile away.




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